Essay on Sample Resume : Dining Hall

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1. In terms of times I worked with others in order to accomplish my goals, I want to talk about the time I worked in a dining hall. I worked in Dux Bistro which is one of the canteens in University of Oregon in the Living and Learning Center from January to August in my third school year, and I am a food server and Barista there.
As a team player, I collaborated with 10 to 20 people including students and staffs worked in a fast-paced environment to deliver quality product and provided quality customer service to customers. And I also did my responsibilities in insuring the accuracy of customer orders and trained new employees in operational procedures and customer service.
As we all know that dining hall is a quite busy place especially in mealtimes, one of the reason that I am able to handle that well in my workplace is we trust our team members and because of that there is a tacit understanding between people. Whenever I manage customer load with students together or did the tasks that the staffs distributed, sometimes, we did not even talk and we know what each other need help with. Therefore, through those coordination activities we all are the good supporters of each other.
Also, I am struggling with a problem of interpersonal relationship. I encounter some unhappy things in Dux Bistro with two staffs. Because of the lack of communication, there was some misunderstandings. In fact, it is normal that people are liked and disliked in the workplace. But, I am a…

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