Sample Resume : Custodial Staff Essay

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PD description Both teams of custodial staff, day and evening, are crucial to the daily operations of our building. Respectively, this means they have a large number of task that must be executed daily so their PD will be on effectiveness and efficiency, or in other words time management.
Objective and reason The objective of this training to help the custodial staff manage things in such a way that they don’t feel overwhelmed and never “done” with a task. Though staff may have different areas and task they need to execute it doesn’t mean that they cannot accomplish them with speed and effectiveness. This will not be a training that says you are doing a job well already, in fact the beginning will be spent on conveying the opposite. Rather the training will provide an opportunity to express our desire as an administration for them to not only take pride in what they do, but to challenge themselves to be the best behind the scene machine of the building.
Design of the PD Prior to training, staff will outline the task they do throughout their work shift, both the regular things and the irregular things. The room will be divided into two sections. Staff will enter the section that is totally unclean and disheveled. While in the room we will begin teaching about the need to make a plan for work, life and even your day. At the end of this, staff will be ask to openly reflect on the environment and how they felt and how well they could concentrate on the lesson. Staff…

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