Essay on Sample Resume : College Of Pharmacy

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Names and qualifications of all relevant personnel, with biosketch forms completed

● Key Individuals

○ Co-PIs:
○ Michael A. Burman Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology. K-12 Neuroscience Outreach Coordinator. PI on NIH AREA grant.
○ Edward Bilsky Ph.D. Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences, COM. Vice President for Research and Scholarship. Senior faculty member and senior administrator at UNE, over 70 publications in opioid, addiction and pain fields with continuously funded laboratory for over 15 years.
○ Susan Hillman Ph.D. Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Co-PI on NSF GK-12 grant. Several recent presentations on science attitudinal assessment and education related to this grant.
○ Christian Teter Pharm.D. Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy. Several recent publications on illicit drug use in school populations. Specializes in psychopharmacology, abuse and addiction.

● Supporting Faculty

○ Olgun Guvench MD, PH.D. Assistant Professor of Pharmacology. NIH funding and publications in ligand-receptor interactions.
○ Karen Houseknecht Ph.D. Professor of Pharmacology. Over 50 publications on Pharmacology and Addiction. Co-I on NIH U01 award. PI on several R01s.
○ Glenn Stevenson Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology. NIH funding to study analgesia, opiate pharmacology and addiction.
○ John Streicher Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences. Research on opioid pharmacology and addiction…

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