Essay about Sample Resume : Certified Paralegal

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Paralegal certification is available in four states while only two states offer document preparer certifications through their State Bar Associations. These states require a certification examination to educationally qualified paralegals or legal assistants prior to the Bar Associations authorizing the paralegal to use the title of “Certified Paralegal,” however, certification is not required in these states to work as a paralegal. The American Bar Association defines a paralegal as someone with the education and work experience required to work for an attorney or law firm performing specific duties for which the attorney is responsible. Without the American Bar Association recognizing someone as “certified paralegal” the title is of little value. Since all paralegals must work under the supervision of an attorney, (excluding document preparers who are permitted to prepare specific documentation without supervision) and all certified paralegals, document preparers, and non-certified paralegals are not permitted to practice law or give legal advice all the states and the federal government statutorily bar the unauthorized practice of law (UPL) by paralegals or anyone else not a member of a Bar Association. These facts establish the recurring costs, required college degree, recertification examinations, seminars, and additional educational courses required for certification fail to provide higher salaries or authorize any unique differences from a non-certified…

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