Essay about Sample Resume : Attending Workshop

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Yatri Domadia
Practicum – Fall 2015 Reflection - 9/16 and 9/23
I am currently doing my practicum at The Growing Tree in one of the PreK 3 classrooms. My co-operating teacher is Mrs. Naomi and TA is Ms. Diana, Room # 6.
Wednesday 9/9
On the very first day of the practicum, school was yet to start officially for children. However, there was a workshop for the teachers to attend, but the director of the school allowed me in as well. It was held by a lead teacher of the district. It was my first experience to attend the workshop and found it helpful. Workshop focused on the use of informational text for preschoolers. Attending workshop was the first thing I did, rest of the day I was helping the teacher with lamination and learnt the way classroom has been organized, need for labeling classroom materials and areas.
Wednesday, 9/16 and 9/23
It was a different feeling when I walked in the classroom; I was going to experience the actual classroom. Soon after I came in, all the children and parents started to arrive, I observed that the teacher was there at the door meeting and greeting parents. It made me realize that when parents leave their kids, we as teachers we need to support parents and help in gaining the confidence that a child is enjoying the school day. Interaction between teacher and parent during the pickup and drop-off time helps build teacher – parents relationships. Some of the…

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