Sample Resume : Airport Hotel And Parking Packages Essay examples

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About ParkSleepFly
ParkSleepFly was started in the year 2002 to offer airport hotel and parking packages. This was an area in the travel and hospitality industry that had been overlooked previously. The Company’s package offers a night at a luxury hotel near the airport, shuttle service to the terminal and back, and parking according to the duration of your trip at a cheaper price than you might even pay for parking alone. It has perfect customer support and gives you the best service for your money.
ParkSleepFly is connected to a series of top luxury hotels in the United States, Canada and Europe. This enables it to offer first class online hotel and parking services.
You can also park your car or any other vehicle at the hotels for the whole duration of your trip. Parking can be as long as 14 days or more. A parking space is usually provided for every hotel room. Parking packages are usually 7 or 14 days parking with more days levied an additional charge.
The top hotels offered by ParkSleepFly are equipped with free wireless internet, exercise facilities, continental breakfast and much more that you don’t want to miss. Customers’ reservations are fully refundable according to the Company’s cancellation policy.
Free top class shuttle services are offered at every hotel to the airport. When the client returns he or she can contact the hotel helpdesk for pickup back to the hotel. This saves the client’s precious time and money.
ParkSleepFly also has an…

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