Sample Resume : A Problem And Solution Requirement Essay

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Group 12
Mahmoud Elsaid Abo Elhasaib (presenter)
Mahmoud Mousa Elazhary (leader)
Habib Hosam Eltabakh (recorder)
Ahmed Saleh Elsaiad (searcher)

* Portfolio main menu*
-Present, justify a problem and solution requirement.
-generation and defending a solution.
-constructing and testing a prototype.
-evaluation, reflection and recommend.

-The first step (present, justify a problem and solution requirement) include:
1-egypt grand challenges
2-problem to be solved
4-other solution already tried
5-design requirement

-The second step (generation and defending a solution) consist of
*selection of solution
*selection of prototype (design requirement )

-The third step (construction and testing prototype) we will talk in these step about
*data collection
*materials and methods
*test plan

- The fourth step (evaluation, reflection and recommendation)
Consist of
*learning out comes

*Our meeting*

I. Present and Justify a Problem and Solution Requirements. ^Egypt grand challenges^
1- Reduce pollution
2- Improve sources of clean water.
3- Increase industrial base for Egypt.
4- Improve use of arid area.
5- Improve the use of alternative energies.
6- Deal with exponential population growth.
7- Reduce urban congestion.

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