Sample Questions On Mathematics Symbols

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Register to read the introduction… The items in the test require you to read a problem and formulate an answer for it.
Sample question 1: A new homeowner ordered an air-conditioning system which costs A dollars, six wardrobes which cost W dollars a piece, and a dozen beds which cost B dollars each. The total cost of the order is
A. A + W + B
B. AB + 6W
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A + 6W + 12B
D. A + (W + B) / 2
E. A + (2W +B)6
Answer: (C)
Sample question 2: S dollars are divided amongst 3 persons, so that the first person receives $20 less than the second person, and the second person receives $20 less than the third person. What does the last person receive?
A. S – 60
B. S- 40
C. S/3 -20
D. S/3 +20
E. None of the above
Answer: (D)

SA-DIP/ Aptitude Test Sample 2012

Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis

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Sample question 3: When a shipment of eggs was received, it was found that R eggs out of the total of
P eggs were broken. Which of the following expressions indicates the percent of the eggs that were unbroken? A. R*100 / P
B. P / R
C. P/R *100
D. (P-R)*100 / P
E. P + R
Answer: (D)
Sample question 4: In a box containing Z pens, S pens contain red lead and the rest contain blue lead.
Which of the following expressions indicates the percent of the pen containing blue lead?
A. [100 (Z – S)] / Z
B. 100 – (Z / S )
C. S / (Z – S)
D. (Z – S) / (Z + S)
E. 100S / (Z – S)
Answer: (A)

Number Ability [20 Marks]
Question 61- 80
This test measures your ability to make rapid numerical calculations and estimates.
Sample question 1: 123.4 ÷1/10 (approximate)

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