Essay on Sample Population Of Five Teachers

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To implement the qualitative methodology in the investigation of the current topic, a sample population of five teachers will be selected randomly from F.H. elementary school in Fairfax County, Virginia Public School System. F.H. Elementary school is 41% white, 26% Hispanic, 24% Asian, and 4% black. As of June of 2015, F.H Elementary school was comprised of 514 students in the general education body, 140 students in elementary advanced academics-levels II & III, and 116 students in special education services. Furthermore, there are 54 specialist and instructors, 20 assistants and attendants, 2 counselors, and 2 administrators. Teachers chosen from F.H. Elementary will be represented fairly in relation to gender and levels of teaching. For instance, the teachers will be obtained from all grade levels in the selected primary school. The identification and involvement of teachers from different primary school contexts is based on the idea of obtaining diversified viewpoints and beliefs attached to the use of instructional methods for improved acquisition of higher order thinking skills among students in primary school level. As a result, the school will provide a sample of 5 teachers: three females and two males. Gender representation helps in eliminating any influences that gender may have in determining the effective teaching methods for higher order thinking skills (Behar-Horenstein & Niu, 2011).
The teachers selected for participation in the study must have taught for at…

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