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Introduction Many doctors keep their records an old-fashioned way, through paper records. Paper records need a large storage space. As his patients add up, his storage should also add up. Retrieving paper records require some time. Doctor’s assistant goes through their paper records. Medical record system will make retrieving and updating records much easier and simpler. This will also lessen the storage space in the clinic. With seconds, records can be retrieved. Doctor will just enter the number of the patient and then his records will be shown on screen. This system will really become handy for medical records keeping.

Background of the Study Over the years, the
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The assistant and the doctor will create another record. This is also possible to skip the tedious work looking for a record. 5. Storage of records takes a large space in the clinic. As patients accumulate, storage of records is a problem.

Objectives of the Study General Objective: To create a computerized medical record system that is user-friendly, reliable and efficient. Specific Objectives: 1. To hasten the time in retrieving medical record. 2. To make updating the record easier and simpler by creating an interface that is easier to use. 3. To provide a reliable source of records. 4. To eliminate redundancy of data. 5. To lessen the storage area of records.
Scope and Delimitation of the Study Medical record system covered the patient personal information, medical history, signs and symptoms of the patient, diagnosis and treatment, and improvements. These are information given by the doctor in day-to-day consultation of patients. This will also provide a medical certification if requested. Billing of the patient is not accommodated by this system. Scheduling of the patient is not also included. The record system will not also provide a prescription because it is required to be handwritten by doctors.

Relevance of the Study Medical record system will lessen the record storage in doctor’s clinic. This system will be paperless. There

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