Sample Marketing Plan Essay

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Joshua T. Wooldridge
Harding University

Executive Summary 3
Organizational Overview 4
New Product Description 5
SWOT Analysis 7
Market Research 9
Segmentation 11
Differentiation & Positioning 12
Stage of the Product Life Cycle 13
Market Mix 13
Budget & Financial Projection 16
Implementation 17
Evaluation/Control/Monitoring 17
References 18

EXECUTVE SUMMARY J T’S Whispering Wings Duck Lodge is in the process of establishing a unique hunting experience for the sportsman duck hunter. The lodge is a dream created from a love of the sport of
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Whispering Wings is unique in that it offers a luxury, unique opportunity to hunt while doing so in a Christian atmosphere. Whispering Wings Duck Lodge is owned by two partners, Joshua T. Wooldridge and Robert G. Akin. Whispering Wings is debt free and it will be used as collateral for financing to remodel the lodge and update needed equipment. It will also be used to cover expenses for salaries and other expenses until the lodge is solvent.
Organizational Overview: The incorporated name for the lodge will be J T’s Whispering Wings Duck Lodge. The mission is to provide a unique hunting experience in a Christian environment that produces memories of a lifetime. As a new business, the following goals will be established and reviewed in the summer of 2013 to determine that the lodge is ready for opening in October, 2013:
Nonfinancial Goals: * To train all personnel in safety procedures and CPR * To train all personnel in service areas and expectations to provide quality service * To establish a means to increase name recognition * To open lodge in October 2013.
Financial Goals: * To obtain financing for equipment * To obtain financing for remodeling of lodge * To investigate possible expansion of usage of facilities during off-season shut down
Vadim Kotelnikov (n.d.) defines core competencies as “the most significant value creating skills within

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