Sample Letter For Response Declaration Essay

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-Case D267744 Exhibit A June 15, 2016 Selena Ives Attachment for Response Declaration
My basis for this Writ of Execution for money judgments, is that Respondent, Mr. Hunter, has failed to comply with his court order regarding the medical co-pay for the past 16 months, pursuant to code 4062 and 4063. Exhibit A- The FOAH filed November 18, 2014 page 2-5 2.1-states starting July 1, 2014 installments of $100.00 a month In the event any such payment becomes more than 10 days overdue, the entire unpaid balance shall become immediately due and payable without further notice. The respondent defaulted the July 2014 payment. 2.2 Respondent is actually making his full 50% uninsured medical contribution. If this were not creating a financial burden for me, Petitioner would not be here right now, in an attempt to collect monies owed. EXHIBIT B There are several discrepancies in Respondent 's financial documents including, incomplete information and inconsistent bank statements, no primary account, no paycheck deposit, pay stub name cut off looks like it was cut and pasted printed lines do not match Respondent 's Income and Expense Declaration is incomplete. I am requesting Respondents original most recent pay stub and original filed tax return for 2015 to be brought to hearing on July 13, 2016.
I am also requesting the court to review the filed following records for financial…

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