Essay on Sample Letter For Clean Car Care

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Often organizations must compete with like industries and in highly competitive markets. It is important for each organization to establish strong and equal hiring processes and standards for each position. Additionally, the organization must be aware of and incompliance with any legal hiring regulations within their location, at the same time recruiting the best possible candidates for each position. Presented are recommendations for Clean Car Care (3Cs) when looking to recruit a new manager, with a focus on compensation and employment options, offered benefits, understanding of legal implications, and sample offer letter for the candidate
Clean Car Care (3Cs) This full-service care wash has been privileged to the overall opportunity of developing employees and promoting within to fulfil many positions, including the management level openings. Currently, they are faced with a management opening and no inside candidates which qualify to take on this new responsibility. Moreover, the local unemployment rate and historical compensation present a larger challenge to the organization. Even so, the organization must go outside to find qualified and appropriate candidates. In doing so, the organization has identified a very strong candidate of Jane Roberts. Jane must relocate to the area and will consider any viable offer extended by the organization. With her current compensation level within the range of the organization, the owner Arlan Autopsritz must determine the…

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