Sample Letter For A Manager At Mr. Shine And Your Fellow Colleagues

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Company Overview

On behalf of Mr. Shine and your fellow colleagues we would like to welcome you and wish you success on your new position. You have just become part of a dedicated team of employees and managers. We hope that your association with Mr. Shine will be rewarding, challenging and of mutual benefit. We take pride in our employees as well as the products and services we provide. We consider ourselves in the field of cleaning services.
Please take the time to read this employee handbook carefully. It is an important communication and management document document. Please initial each page and date and sign the acknowledgment form on preceding page to show that your have read, understood and agree to the content of this handbook. This handbook provides most of terms terms and conditions of an employee’s employment.
Understand that no employee handbook can address every situation in the workplace. If you have difficulty reading or understanding any of the provisions of this manual, please contact a member of the management team. Mr. Shine will gladly make assistance available so you can understand the policies and what is expected of you. If you do not request assistance, Mr. Shine will assume that you fully understand the handbook. Likewise, if you have any suggestions related to company policies or procedures, please let us know. team. Each employee contributes greatly to our success and growth. We hope you take pride in becoming our team member. Once…

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