Essay on Sample Investors Behavior On Large Cap Mutual Funds

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Data interpretation is a pioneer to data analysis, and data analysis is closely related to data visualization and data dissemination. The term data analysis is occasionally used as a substitute for data modeling.
An analysis is made on the taken from 50 sample investors of mutual fund. The main aim of the report is to find out the investors behavior on large cap mutual funds. To find out the needs of the current and potential investors. The questionnaire contain numerous questions on the investors financial , basic , technical experience constructed on these investment experiences of the 50 sample investors and analysis is made in interpretation are made. Interpretation are made on a rational basis , these interpretation maybe appropriate or may not be appropriate but care is taken to made a valid and approvable interpretation.
Analysis is made only from the information gathered through questionnairs and no other data or information is reserved into consideration for purpose of the analysis.

Q1:- Do you know about Large Cap mutual funds?

Sr No. Respond Respondents Percentage
1 Yes 41 82%
2 No 9 18%

The above pie chart shows that out of 50 respondents 82% know about Large Cap mutual funds and rest 18% did not know about it
Q 2:-Do you invest in mutual funds?

Sr No Respond’s Respondent’s Percentage
1 Yes 30 60%
2 No 20 40%


The above pie chart shows that of out 50 respodents 60% invest in mutual…

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