Sample Essay : ' The First Grade '

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the first grade. In Alramaqia school, I was gossiping with the other students about our teachers. We had a beautiful fair skinned teacher named ‘Aasha Jani. She was always well dressed and wore tight skirts to school. The boys were saying that she was having affairs with one of the students in her science lab. This was confirmed by one the boys who swore that he saw her from the lab’s window. I could not verify his account but the roamers continued about her and how she was flirtatious with the other visiting fathers to the school. I was fascinated by the amount of attention she received and how her beauty swayed the boy and the men alike. She became the object of my obsession of how to attract attention by being an eye candy. I wanted to be like ‘Aasha and I started taking care of my outfit, my hair and my hygiene. I wanted to be attractive just as she was. I was trying to get the other boys’ attention by placing cute objects and stationary of my class table.
In the sixth grade I moved to a new school taught by men called Ali Bin Abi Talib. I have always attended public schools in Sharjah, the first three grades were in Hitteen school with one teacher named Khairia, then to Alramaqia to study with one teacher named Zainab, but this one was different. It was in a notorious old neighborhood called Um Khannoor, where the gangster culture was dominant and frequent fights between different groups was a common scene. In that school I came across a bizarre pair of boys. One was a…

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