Sample Essay : Self Evaluation

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Self-Evaluation Essay

Little did I know that I was going to learn a lot more than I thought throughout the semester in ENGL 1433. I began the course dreading reading and writing. I just wanted to be done with the class before the class began and go back to science classes. I never have considered myself a good writer or someone who was good at analyzing literature, it was never something I enjoyed. Despite these initial thoughts and preconceived notions, I did, for the most part, enjoy the class. Yeah, I still didn’t like to read or to write as I am actually dreading writing this right now. However, I did really enjoy the class discussions and learning about analyzing the literature. I ended up learning a lot more than I thought I would. This is obvious in my coursework throughout the semester. Comparing my first close reading assignment to my second assignment two close reading assignments shows how much I have learned as well as comparing my two presentations. On top of coursework, I believe discussing literature from the first class to the last class shows a lot of improvement. Although, I still felt there could have been a better way to learn.

At the beginning of the semester, I had expressed my poor writing skills, at least in the terms of non-scientific writing. My mind tends run more factual and less creative and less deep thinking. This was very evident in my first close reading paper. I ended up with a 76 percent on the paper, well-deserved I believe. I found it…

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