Sample Essay On Abortion

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The definition for abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. This is a very controversial issue in our world today because some people are completely pro-choice or they are completely pro-life. I do not personally agree with the concept of having an abortion. When a baby is conceived, its’ life starts immediately. What starts out being a fetus goes through many different stages that transform them to become a baby that is healthy and viable. These babies haven’t had a chance to even see the world before they’re killed during an abortion. I believe a child does not deserve to die because her mother and father were irresponsible. The babies are completely innocent and should never be punished for a decision that could 've been prevented if there had been precautions taken. …show more content…
Some women get raped, they can’t afford to have a child, to prevent having a child with birth defects, or just because they don’t want to have a child. Although there are many ways to prevent pregnancy such as: birth control pills, IUD, birth control shot, birth control implant, etc., there is no guarantee. An abortion is a very risky procedure that also has negative results for the mother as well as the fetus. There are so many different reasons why women should not have this procedure and how it could negatively affect their body. After having an abortion, it puts a woman’s body and health in a much bigger risk than before. Studies show that when woman has a 2.3 higher risk to have cervical cancer after having an abortion. Women could have placenta previa (abnormal development of the placenta which is deadly for the mother and child), they are more likely to miscarry or have trouble conceiving again after an abortion, etc. Not only are there medical risks, but there are also emotional risks. Abortion can emotionally affect each woman differently. It can range from mild regret to deep

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