Sample Bibliography : Diary Entries And Philosophy Essay

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Diary Entries and Philosophy
Since my childhood, I have heard about the Greek debate on some issues that can be a matter for them. It may be the most famous debate related to the presence of the day and night, and that has caused heated debate between supporters and exhibitions. Some of the Greeks considered that the darkness precedes the day, while others believe that the day precedes the night. This discussion has a different name or definition, which is philosophy. As it is well known that philosophy is a word derived from the Greek word Philosophia, meaning the love of wisdom or knowledge request or search for truth. The task of philosophy is to satisfy the innate human desire for discovery and knowledge. Philosophy develops the capacity to solve problems and think about and raise awareness of the individual and help him to form a single, personal point of view about life and the human and the most important benefit of linking faith with the mind. To better understand and appreciate Philosophy, I must evaluate the connection between of dairy entries and Philosophy, Principles, and Existentialism.
First Section:
In every action that we do every day, there is Philosophy. Having a help from a friend can be considered as Ethical respect. When I asked my former classmate for advice about finding a truck to move to Golden, he felt that his responsibility to help me. He took his decision because I helped him in his studies in some courses. He volunteered to help me to move. The…

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