Same Sex Parenting Provides Appropriate Well Being For Children

1081 Words Dec 7th, 2014 null Page
Penning acknowledges in this article the diverse views there are with regards to same sex couples desires to use IVF to enable them to have a child and the impact this may have on the child. Penning discusses and expresses his views on the theories and debates related to the ‘acceptability’ of same-sex couples parenting including; deontological, utilitarianism and ethics. The article discusses the core views of these theories/debates and their credibility when discussing the welfare of the child. As stated by Penning the four main points in the article include; the necessary and recommendable conditions for parenting with regards to the child’s welfare; a focus on sexual orientation; the stigmatization of the child; and how the situation can be improved within same sex parenting. Penning puts forward cases that are both for and against same-sex parenting stating controversial points throughout.
The well-being of the child has always been paramount and there is still great debate whether same-sex parenting provides appropriate well-being for children. Gay marriage has been legalized in many countries within the world including in the USA and within Europe. This year, 2014, gay marriage was legalized within the UK, after this monumental step in society there has been lots of interest sparked with regards to gay couples parenting a child within society and in the media, especially off the back of David Jones MP proclaiming that same-sex parents can’t provide a warm and safe…

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