Essay on Same Sex Marriage

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Talofa! It means “Hello” or “Hi” in the Samoan language. A kind greeting, I will never forget. When I was in high school there was no such thing as an openly “gay” person. The ones who knew that you were even an ounce of “gay” you were bullied or maybe even worse things happened. One of my close friends, today is happily married to someone of same sex. Many things have changed over the years, but the view of same sex marriage has been in progress for decades. Today all fifty states of American soil are in great bliss of same sex marriage. I applaud that because I am fortunate enough to have such wonderful friends that are lesbians and some that are married within their same sex. They have struggled with it for many years while growing up. It has become more of a fairy tale as the generations change drastically. People do not wake up and just become “gay.” In some cultures, like Samoa and Guam, their cultures are uniquely different from the American dream and there is no prejudice for sexual orientation. “On June 2015, a federal judge in Guam ruled their ban to be unconstitutional, making Guam the first territory to allow same-sex marriage” (NCSL). For one, their families were very supportive of it, America revoked their stereotype and their excuse was that the “bible” states there should not be any same sex marriage; that it should be done only between a man and a woman.
In America’s biblical terms, there was only an Adam and Eve, not an Adam and Steve. Well I was fortunate…

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