Essay Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

1185 Words Aug 27th, 2016 null Page
The ads of proposition 8 both portrayed a different message of whether same sex marriage should continue to be valid or recognized in California. A yes vote on this measure means that citizens are against recognizing same sex marriage in California. The yes ad on proposition 8 portrays the idea of recognizing same sex marriage as something that will cause multiple consequences such as impacting churches, children, adoption, etc. The participants of the ad use strong vocabulary to show that same sex marriage should not continue to be legalized and that it will only affect the traditional concept of marriage, which to them is between a man and women. The vocabulary that is used in the ad is reinforcing their disagreement on proposition 8 by using strong words such as “ consequences, defenses, forced..etc Also, the participants of the ad yes list and explain the consequences of legalizing same sex marriage, which grabs the attention of viewers because they are direct in addressing the effects of same sex marriage. Not only are they direct but the ad addresses sensitive topics that may be affected by legalizing same sex marriage such as adoption being discontinued. Also, they mentioned that same sex marriage will confused future generations on what traditional marriage means because same sex marriage will be taught as schools, which can confused children on what traditional marriage is.
On the other hand, there is the ad that claims a no vote on this measure that marriage…

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