Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal Essay

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Same-sex marriage is an important issue that have been a central point in modern society. Certainly, the importance of this issues should be decided on the foundation of civil freedom and civil rights. The recognition of the legitimate rights of same-sex married couples should be acknowledged and protected under the law. Thus, rejecting same-sex couples, the legal rights to get married is the despicable indecency denying human rights to lively freely. “Gay marriage is really a matter of respect and human rights Across the world, gays are subjected to violence simply because they are gay, and the United Nations Human Rights Council has recently condemned this violence. But it is not just violence that violates the human rights of gays; a similar rights violation takes place whenever gays are treated as different and less than heterosexuals, such as when they are denied the right to marry” (Mollaman). In American, which is based on a constitutional society, grants all people to be treated equally, fairly and without discrimination. There should be judgment on people’s basic individual right to love and marry who they desire. Therefore, same-sex couples should be allowed the same rights as straight couples. Regardless of the many controversy surrounding same-sex marriage of issues bring bought up about same-sex marriage. Such as, the sacredness of traditional marriage, religious views on marriage, neglect of gender dissimilarities, and the natural rules of procreation.…

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