Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal Essays

1673 Words May 5th, 2015 null Page
Same sex marriage may be a topic that a lot of individuals in the world have had their own opinions and considerations on. Since, America has a large population, individuals see homosexuals to be abnormal. To have the legal right to marry the same sex has been a fight for a lot of homosexual people within the United States, because it is currently legal in thirty seven states and illegal in seven states and in review in a half - dozen. It has not been a straightforward method for gays actually love simply because of their identical sex and to express that love by marriage. Several Gays and lesbians are apprehensive about their own sexuality but still continue the fight for a right that they deserve to have which includes; the liberty to have freedom to love, and the freedom to express themselves. Love is unconditional; the aspects of love differ greatly, whether there is a difference in age, interest or religion. Then loving the same sex should not bring problems. Like stated previously, since gay marriages are only legal in thirty seven states the cause that permits people to be who they are has had a great impact on the gay community. Homosexual people are humans and are still discriminated against because they think in a different way. In 2015 homosexuality has become part of the everyday life. Many nations have legalized same sex marriage, but it should legalize in each state; as a result, a group action of same sex marriages would solely change our society and culture…

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