Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal Essay

1549 Words Dec 22nd, 2014 7 Pages
It is the twenty-first century, the year 2014 and unbelievably it is still unacceptable and illegal for people to choose who they can love. The world has advanced in many ways between technology and medicine, except it is still like some people are stuck in the past filled with oppression and violence towards the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community. Although the community has overcome a lot, especially in the past few years, many countries and individual states have legalized same-sex marriage. By this day and age, no individual should still be trying to fight for their rights. Sexual preference is nearly a mere detail about a person, not something that should make or break how they are perceived in society. Same-sex marriage should be legal, because in the end the government or someone else’s beliefs should not determine a person’s ability to marry. The topic of same-sex marriage is extremely controversial, but the fight and determination to get what the LGBT community deserves has always been strong from the beginning. Dating back to the 1970’s there has been multiple state bans on marriage equality. In Minnesota a couple, Richard John 'Jack ' Baker and James Michael McConnell, applied for a marriage license but were further declined. They sued Gerald Nelson, the person who denied the couple’s request, claiming the Minnesota law on marriage made no mentions of gender. This case has been used to further deny marriage equality in other states (“How Same…

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