Same Sex Marriage For Women 's Equality Essay

1926 Words Nov 8th, 2016 8 Pages
Have you ever noticed when you went to church that the number of people are going down each and every year? To me it is kind of a weird thought. You and I might be thinking why is that. it is because every year the Christian percentage of people are getting lower and lower. Statistics show that the people who believe went from a 71% in 2007 to 63% in 2014. In seven years that’s a pretty drastic change in religion. The numbers prove it.
A key term used from Pew Research was declining Religiosity meaning that “the percentage of American adults who are highly observant – at least as measured by traditional indicators, such as their certainty of belief in God, frequency of prayer, self-reported rates of attendance at worship services and self-assessments of the importance of religion in their lives – has declined.” The world is changing each and every day things such as same sex marriage to women’s equality or being pro-life or pro-choice, and numerous other examples as well are becoming more acceptable, that could be a reason why people are stopping their belief in religion because the church teaches you opposite sex marriage, and to be a certain a way, some people like that some people don’t. to me I can’t think of a world without religion because a simple question is brought up what happens after somebody passes away, or why are we here in the first place. When I converse with people I know who don’t necessarily believe in a religion or believe in God they tell me all very…

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