Persuasive Essay On Same Sex Marriage In The United States

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Should same-sex marriage be legal in United States and nationwide? Should homosexuals have equal rights? Will same-sex marriage have negative impacts to our future? All these controversial debates on same sex marriage plays a big role where new era is approaching and society start to change. According to the development in recent years, same-sex marriage is now legal in twenty-two countries worldwide. The United States Supreme Court has passed the law on June 26, 2015 to legalize same-sex marriage to all states in U.S. Being one of the strongest nation, this has become a historical progress for gay rights and the institution of marriage influencing the all over the world, which lead to more debate. There are variety of research on the internet to discuss on this topic. Although there are many arguments on same-sex marriage, however, the victory will keep gaining as new ideas impact on society over time and more and more people is accepting homosexual and same-sex marriage worldwide.
People’s attitudes on same-sex marriage has changed overall from 2001 to 2015. The Netherlands was the first country allowed gay marriage in
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As variety of religion have different belief, the supporter of gay marriage in each religion is different. The 2015 research on U.S. religious support for marriage equality shown most major religious groups now embrace marriage equality. Jews and Buddhists have up to 77 percent and 84 percent of supporters. The other religions all have more than 55 percent or more supporters except Muslims and White Evangelical Christians. Muslims and White Evangelical Christians only have 42 percent and 28 percent of people who support gay marriage which might be the majority of Americans who is against this. As the biggest factor of opposing gay marriage, the research shows more religious people are accepting the

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