Same Sex Marriage Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Marriage causes people stay in more committed relationships, and when people are in committed relationships there is less promiscuity. A culture of marriage for gay people might not have stopped the [AIDS] virus altogether, but it certainly would have slowed the virus down, and saved who knows how many lives and who knows how much money and agony. Aside from the benefits that same-sex marriage can have on our society, the benefits that will reach the children of same-sex couples is also an important factor. Rauch estimates the number of children being raised in gay households to be around half a million. If society cares about marriage only for the sake of children, this is a large enough number to mean that, it ought to care about the many thousands of children in gay households. Children now being raised in gay households, feel left out because they don’t feel like a family since their parents are not permitted to be married. This is why many people feel that legalizing same-sex marriage will have no negative effect on society, and can in fact have a very positive effect on …show more content…
In today’s society we already experience the negative effects from unhealthy heterosexual marriages and divorces. By legalizing same-sex marriage we will just add to the instability that already exists in marriages. Legalizing same sex-marriage would tell society that marriage in general is "optional." Giving people the option of same-sex marriage would change the definition of marriage. Marriage used to mean two people getting together in order to create a family, marriage will no longer be the creation of a family, but simply a confirmation of a relationship, or a commitment ceremony, with little meaning, and that would therefore cause fewer people to marry. With fewer marriages, the number of children being raised by single parents would increase. Research shows that children tend to do better when being raised by their two biological parents. While gay marriage would encourage adoption of children by homosexual couples, which may be preferable to foster care, some lesbian couples want to have children through anonymous sperm donations; this means that some children will be created purposely without knowledge of one of their biological parents. According to these opinions, legalizing same-sex marriage can therefore possibly cause negative effects on

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