Same-Sex Marriage Argument

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Same-sex marriage is a broad and current interest in the United States today. The movement to legalize same-sex marriage started in the 1970; however, it is still not legal in all fifty states yet (“Same-sex marriage in the United States”). Legalizing same-sex marriage should not be a debate. People should be able to marry someone they love regardless of sexual orientation. Same-sex marriage should be legal because it is a human right, religion should not interfere with state laws, it does not affect the heterosexual community in any way, and same-sex marriage can actually benefit our society. Same-sex couples have been denied their rights for quite a while now in the United States. It is time to show how those who oppose same-sex marriage …show more content…
There are more important problems in this country to worry about, same-sex marriage is not one of them. Contrary to popular belief, same-sex marriage does not affect the heterosexual community in any way. Rajczi claims:
The real argument for same-sex marriage is that there is not one single thing wrong with homosexuality, and so gay people should never be treated differently from anyone else. It is a tragedy that such arguments are not persuasive yet. The good news is that there will come a day when these arguments, like the arguments minority and women’s rights, will seem utterly obvious. (Rajczi
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Same-sex marriage would not be made legal if it would place harm on someone. Same-sex marriage does not encourage homosexual acts. Rajczi proclaims, “opponents of homosexual marriage often claim that legalizing homosexual marriage will send the wrong message that homosexuality is missible; and sending this message will cause an increase in homosexuality” (Rajczi 488). As Rajczi noted, the opponents of same-sex marriage believe that legalizing same-sex marriage will cause an increase in homosexuality; however, that argument can easily be turned around by saying that heterosexual marriage causes an increase in heterosexuals. Even though heterosexuality is viewed as the permissible couple by society, it can still be considered forcing their ‘beliefs’ onto the community. This point in the opponents of same-sex marriage reeks of hypocrisy. Same-sex marriage does not harm anyone; therefore, it is none of anyone’s business what they do in their life. According to Rajczi, “the government must offer opportunities equally unless it has good reason not to, where the ‘good reasons’ must involve harm to others” (Rajczi 481). As Rajczi points out, the government cannot deny equal opportunity, unless it causes harm to others. Same-sex marriage does not cause harm to anyone; therefore, they cannot be denied equal opportunity. Same-sex marriage is

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