Essay On Gay Marriage Pros And Cons

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I chose the article “The Supreme Court’s Conservatives Switch Sides in Gay Marriage” Logic out of Time’s online magazine. I chose this because I am a Christian and I do not believe in same sex marriage. I believe this because the bible says it is immoral and because God gave man woman, so he would not be alone, he did not give man another man. God does all things with a purpose, including creating humans, to bring glory to him. That is why I am refuting same sex marriage and the rights that come along with same sex marriage..

First off to discuss this we need to go back to why the United States of America was formed, people came over from Europe. The three main nations that came over, were from England, Spain, and Ireland. They all
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Some people take this amendment too far though, and believe they should be able to do whatever it is that they desire. The constitution does not say that same sex marriage is legal, but at the same time it does not say it is illegal. This is because the government was not created to address morale issues, but to protect political freedoms and to set limits on the federal government. This is why the government 's decision to allow same sex marriage should not be allowed or at least not enforced on people who are against it such as christians and people who are just against it.

An example of them taking away someone 's freedom of speech;

“it took place around two months ago when Kim Davis refused to hand out same sex marriage licenses to gay couples, she was put in jail for five days,Kim Davis had been elected into her position back in the month of November of 2014.”(Nicks)

Being elected means that the people voted for her, putting her into that position to do the job with their interest at heart. If the people did not agree with her beliefs then they should not have voted for her. This is why it is important to do your research before you

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