Same-Sex Classrooms Essay

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I am writing because I am concerned about gender stereotypes hindering the learning of our middle school students. We should make the local middle schools same-sex, in order to raise test scores and allow our students to feel free to learn any subject they want. There is a lot of evidence in which children benefit from same-sex schools in the ‘Raising Boys’ Achievement Project’ (RBA) which was a four-year project (2000-2004) which focused on issues associated with the apparent differential

academic achievement of boys and girls at key stage 2 and key stage 4 in schools in England.

Academically the students do better, because the teachers are taught how to teach both sexes according to the way they learn best. This
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Girls and boys wrote of more informal relationships in single-sex

classrooms, with teachers tolerating a more relaxed and friendly attitude, being less stressed because

there was less off-task behavior and more willing to talk about things they knew would interest classes.

Girls, in particular, felt that they learned better because the teachers could teach more, with less need to

be continually disciplining disruptive boys; boys felt that they received more teaching and more attention

from their teachers because girls were not there to dominate the questioning. Boys in particular, claimed

that single-sex classes in English allowed them more freedom to work harder without worrying about

stereotypical expectations and their own image, particularly that they were not supposed to enjoy English.

They spoke of being able to talk about feelings and express opinions about books and poetry, to target

coursework without feeling intimidated by girls, and to study and enjoy the romantic texts. Equally, girls

spoke of it being ‘far less embarrassing when doing talks if the blokes aren’t there to rubbish you’, of

‘being able to say what you really feel about plays and emotional stuff and things like that’ and of there

being ‘no pressure to be loud and funny in front of the guys’. Boys, too, acknowledged ‘feeling more

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