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Sam Walton: Entrepreneurial Genius and Creator of Wal-Mart Dedication, risk-taking, empire-building, and world shaking; words that describe a man that changed this world. This man is not any ordinary man, but a man of vision and hope; a man that started from nothing, and if alive today would be worth more then Bill Gates. Sam Walton, creator and founder of Wal-Mart Incorporations, shaped this world. “From his birth on March 29, 1918 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma to his death in April 6, 1992 at Little Rock, Arizona” (“Sam Walton” NNDB), Sam Walton changed this world both for the better and the worse by providing such cheep goods to people around the world. Born into a family that was no well off, Sam quickly learned as a kid the value …show more content…
Even Sam Walton himself that was surprised that the idea worked, by 1991 and havening 1,700 stores at the time he was already having a multimillion-dollar business (“Wal-Mart Founder and Billionaire”). Walton figured out how to expand the business using a combination of bank debt and vendor's money (his supply chain was so efficient, he would order a product and have it sold in three days while only having to pay his vendor every thirty days; keeping the "float" in Wal-Mart's coffers for twenty-seven days.) (“Sam Walton (aka […]”)). He also Found a way in which he would advance the company in a technological since. “In the early 1980’s the business was one of the first to utilize Universal Product Code (barcodes) to automate the inventory process (“Sam Walton (aka […]”)). But was it only in 1983 that the utilization of technology became of a huge significance. “In 1983, the business spend tremendous amounts of capital on a private satellite system that could track delivery trucks, speed credit card transactions, transmit audio and video signals, and as well as sales data” (“Sam Walton (aka […]”)). Wal-Mart is not only found in America, it can also be found world-wide, some of the locations in which there is other Wal-Marts are stores in China, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, South Korea and Puerto

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