Sam Harris And A Reasons For A Christian Nation Essay

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Sam Harris and a Reason Not to Believe Sam Harris describes an atheist as “a person who believes that the murder of a single little girl-- even once in a million years-- casts doubt upon the idea of a benevolent God” (Harris 52). In his book, Letter to a Christian Nation, Harris presses his worldview over the dominating worldview of Christianity. Harris does so in a concise, factual manner, but he fails to completely leave out emotion. Harris is convincing, but in the end he is restating arguments stated previously in a more personal way. He thinks that society is in a state of emergency rooting from people in power believing in different origins than himself. He ties origins, morality, and politics together to prove his points. Simply put, Harris attacks Christianity, specifically Evangelicals, in Letter to a Christian Nation. Harris discusses many points against Christianity including how Christianity is one of thousands of religions that believe they individually are true, the Bible’s immorality and imperfections, the Bible being an unnecessary grounds for one’s morality, science’s opposition to religion, and ethics to state a few. Personally, three arguments grabbed my attention while reading. First, the issue of the Bible’s immorality startled me. Harris substantially supported his point with cited and quoted scripture. Harris highlighted moments of violence and justice in the Bible to discredit the Bible being “a perfect guide to morality” (Harris 8). He used…

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