Sam Brownback : A Lasting Impression On Kansas Essay

1267 Words Mar 27th, 2016 null Page
Sam Brownback has made a lasting impression on Kansas, however not necessarily for the right reasons. He thinks he is going at this the right way, and making the right decisions but he is actually ruining our state. We need to get somebody else in office who is going to think about all Kansans, not just the rich. Although, Sam Brownback had to have done something right to get elected as our governor in the first place, we do not want to re-elect him because he is leading the “March to Zero” experiment on Kansas, eliminating spending money on the poor and jobs , as well as cutting millions of dollars of the state 's spending on education. Sam Brownback has come up the the experiment “March to Zero”, to gradually get rid of income taxes altogether. “According to a budget analysis distributed to Senate Republicans Tuesday, the tax plans being considered this year would leave the state with an ending balance of just $69 million at the end of the upcoming fiscal year. And if nothing is done to slow down the scheduled decrease in tax rates, the projected ending balances will fall to a mere $3.7 million by 2018, or 0.1 percent of state general fund spending.” (Hancock 1). Even though Brownback knows that this is going to happen, he is all for putting the petal to the metal, and getting to work. While others of us, want to keep taxes the way they are, because with Brownbacks idea, we are not helping out anybody but the wealthy, and many jobs are being lost. We cannot just…

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