Salvia Case Study

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Salvia it has a Latin name Salvia divinorum as it is a plant that can be found in Mexico and is a hallucinogenic drug, this means it can make people see things and hear things that might not be real. This type of drug can cause headaches, throat and lung irritation but the main harm comes from the person while they believe the hallucinations are real.
Nitrogen oxide is also known as laughing gas, its can make people feel relaxed and calm as it is a depressant drug. There are bad effects to this drug however, if you take it without getting enough oxygen you can die as you would have starved your cells of oxygen which is needed for respiration in the cells.
There are certain categories drugs can place themselves in. These categories are
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In February 2013 New Zealand had that would allowed these psychoactive substances to be sold legally. In July 2013 the law was passed. The Act meant that these psychoactive substances would be chemically tested and only if there was a low risk of harm to the consumer then it would be approved to sell to the public. However, on the 8th of May 2014 no psychoactive substances are able to be sold legally in New Zealand.
Why should the government ban psychoactive substances?
The government banned psychoactive substances. They can be addicted and while in the drug state you can have no control of your actions, this means it is possible to harm yourself or to harm others. The government has been making sure that from an early age people understand the harm that drugs can do. The government has a duty to protect people, sometimes even from themselves.
The addiction of drugs means that a person may experience a need (craving) for the drugs, they can suffer from withdrawal symptoms when they go too long without taking the specific drugs, this can happen from any type of psychoactive
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It could also make terrorist income increase dramatically as terrorists are the most likely people to profit from banning these psychoactive substances as they would then sell them on the black market meaning that they would have more funds for destroying people’s lives. I do not assume that people buying these psychoactive substances from these particularly groups have knowledge of the fact that they are funding terrorists. Neither do I assume that everyone selling these illegal drugs are funding terrorists but you can never be sure .
Terrorists play a huge part in the black market and this is what some people are worried about. That the fact everything will go underground into these markets, but people have to start somewhere we have to fight the battle of terrorism and help prevent the taking of drug. Terrorism plays a big part in the underground drug industry it creates a large profit for them. The psychoactive substances may increase their profit slightly but there are ways of stopping this from

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