Essay about `` Salvation Anxiety `` By John Donne

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-Thousands of cancer patients, or any terminally ill patients, wish for life in the end, nevertheless for Vivian, who states, “It is not my intention to give away the plot; but I think I die at the end” (Edson), she knows that may not happen for her. Wit’s ending has a lot to say of peaceful death and salvation and is connected to that theme of “Salvation Anxiety” since Vivian is not afraid of her cancer, Vivian 's peaceful death, and Jason and Susie 's reaction to Vivian 's death.
-Primarily, while Vivian does not truly come out and state if she is religious or not, she makes supply hints though out the play that she may not be religious and she truly fears the unknown journey of death. Numerous critics may argue that Vivian’s real struggle is against the cancer, nevertheless instead her real struggle is against what her past student Jason, calls the theme of “salvation anxiety” in the poetry of John Donne. Vivian’s anxiety resides precisely with the relationship, or God, that might finally carry her past death and into eternal life.
-Furthermore, Vivian’s anxiety grows during her flashback with her graduate school mentor, Professor E.M. Ashford, when Ashford tells her, “It is not wit, Ms. Bearing. It is truth. The paper 's not the point… Don 't go back to the library. Go out. Enjoy yourself with your friends” (Edson). However, in Vivian’s last moments when Ashford visits her, Ashford manages to soothe Vivian through a children 's book. Although, Vivian is only asleep…

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