Salt Of The Earth By Donna Reed Essay

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The late 1950s was an important year for feminists as it was a transition from the first wave to the second. Although there were no major gains for women in the 1950s, notable works were published such as , “The Second Sex” and “ The Feminine Mystique”. A notable form of art that was blacklisted in the era and is known as a classic is the film, Salt of the Earth. This film has inspired an underground audience of union workers and feminists. Comparing and contrasting the character Donna Reed in the tv sitcom Donna Reed Show with Esperanza Quintero in the film Salt of the Earth, both characters switch gender roles with their spouses. On the other hand, Donna Reed fails outside of the concept of Feminine Mystique while Esperanza does not. Donna Reed is the “happy housewives” that is represented in all 1950s tv sitcoms. Married to a doctor, Reed’s biggest worry is making sure her family is fed and the house is clean. In Season 1 episode 3 “The Hike”, Donna wants to take her son and his friends for a camping trip after her husband cannot do so because of work. However, she is encouraged by her husband and son to stay at home because they believe that there is a “a man’s world and a female’s world”. Since camping is an outdoor activity, it is part of the “mans world” which she does not belong to. During the camping trip, she was able to fool everyone at one point by having the tents ready and a fire set up after the children came from fishing. However, at the end of the show…

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