Salt N Pepa 's Influence On Hip Hop Culture Essay

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When looking back through Hip-Hop culture there are a few main names that come to mind such as Kurtis Blow, Easy E, Run DMC, Eric B, and many more. However, males are not the only ones who have shaped and created this culture. When talking about female influence in Hip-Hop it all begins with Salt N’ Pepa. Salt N’ Pepa, one of the first female rap groups, changed the face of Hip-hop. They paved the way for women in this male dominant industry. Salt N’ Pepa has also influenced Hip-hop culture greatly from the 80’s until now by being more pop orientated, having a powerful message, and a unique fashion sense. They were rap legends as well as female and fashion icons. Taking it back to the mid 1980s Salt N’ Pepa was formed. Cheryl "Salt" James was the rapper, and Sandra "Pepa" Denton was the singer. Both raised in Queens, the two met while working at Sears. When asked to do a recording for a co-worker the two were able to find that chemistry and flow that made them “Salt N Pepa”. They began their career with signing to Next Plateau Records. When they released the hit Push it in 1988 their career skyrocketed. "A group like us was needed — there was a gap in the market for some strong female performers who could sell records on the level of the bigger, more established rap groups and that 's exactly what we did,” states Cheryl “Salt” James (Salter, para1). Salt N’ Pepa received doubts by many that they wouldn 't have a lasting career in the industry. Yet, they…

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