My First Research Experience: Metabolic Integration In Salmonella A

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Research Experience

Metabolic Integration in Salmonella enterica: My first research experience began with a summer internship in the Bacteriology department at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, investigating the compensatory mechanisms involved in metabolic integration. The overarching goal was to identify the changes and alternative pathways required to sustain life in a Salmonella enterica strain whose thiamine (vitamin B1) biosynthetic gene, thiH, had been replaced by an equivalent non-homologous gene from Bacillus subtilis, thiO, which is more prevalent than thiH among bacteria. This strain grows normally in aerobic conditions with and without B1 supplementation. However, under anaerobic conditions growth occurs only in media supplemented
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I executed fluorescent focus and TCID50 cell-based assays to quantify titers of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and influenza virus. I managed all RSV development/stability projects for titer testing. This experience sparked an interest in further exploring biomedical research as a career. As a result, I obtained a Master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the Molecular Microbiology and Immunology …show more content…
The project’s mission was to assess the nutritional status of neonates and children from developing countries to create a global map of nutritional deficiency trends. This information will be used to track the impact of nutritional status on disease susceptibility and development. My role was to assess iron levels through transferrin receptor detection by ELISA assays in six-month infant serum samples across multiple countries. This global research project gave me an insight on how important field research and bench research is needed to generate evidence to bring a change to public health issues in these underdeveloped countries, thus, this global research project bridges scientific research and public health to bring change to world

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