Essay about Salinger 's The Rye

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There is a certain occasion that joins each and every individual on the planet. Not everybody can say it is a wonderful affair, however nobody can deny that it happened. This single occasion is ‘growing up '. The move between youth innocence and adulthood is long and perplexed, frequently revealing questions that can 't be answered. Amid the process of the adult world appears to be welcoming and free, yet just when we get to be individuals from a cold, real society can the delighted forgetfulness of adolescence be acknowledged and missed. The novel Catcher in the Rye investigates how adult life seems unpredictable and unimaginable to young people on the very edge of entering it. Through the hero Holden Caulfield, J.D. Salinger catches the perplexity of a young person when confronted with the test of adjusting to a grown-up society.
Holden Caulfield is initially presented as a character he gives off an impression of being a genuinely run of the mill, ordinary young person. He grumbles about his school, which he claims is not superior to 'some other school ', and the dialect he uses makes him sound impolite and repulsive. Holden additionally assumes about girls frequently, particularly 'Jane ', yet another “average” quality of a high school kid. In any case, it soon gets to be apparent that Holden 's identity does not adjust to the child generalization. In spite of the fact that he seems to have a few companions, specifically his flat mate and 'Ackley kid ', it is clear…

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