Salinger 's ' The Catcher 's The Rye ' Essay

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Loneliness destroy kids mentally around the world every day and it brings deep despair on to people. All them by themselves with no one else to hold on to and they can’t escape the feeling of depression. In this coming of age novel, The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger it catches this reality and turns it into a novel that dwells deep into heart wrenching themes such as the phoniness, painfulness of growing up, isolation and self-protection and so much more. All by a weird and very complex character, Holden Caulfield. He leaves his only place that he had with a sense of security, his dorm, out into the world, which he knew nothing about. The more and more Holden tries to fight the realities of life all by himself, he starts to lose himself psychologically. This inevitably leads to his depression and as well as him starting to lose connection to other people and him running away from his problems. The theme of loneliness is what leads to his downfall ultimately. His loneliness is led by his lack of friends he is struggling to find, his longing for his dead brother, as well as the way he desperately tries to gain the acknowledgment from others. Throughout the book, the word phony is used dozens of times. Holden uses this word as his way to criticize people. In Holden’s head, he has developed a set of behaviors that he feels are actually genuine and when people don’t act according to them they become, in his head, a phony. Boateng 2
Holden dislikes all phonies and…

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