Salinger 's The Bluest Eye Essay

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J.D. Salinger 's Catcher in the Rye and Toni Morrison 's The Bluest Eye share many major similarities. They both include themes of sexuality and isolation, and most importantly, the representation of adolescence. This is probably why they are branded “coming-of-age" novels. They describe experiences an adolescent or a group of adolescents goes through and how they deal with them. Catcher in the Rye depicts a teenage boy with no real companionship besides his younger sister. The Bluest Eye portrays a vulnerable teenage girl who has nothing to relate to expect the negative actions towards her. However, the differences in plot, both novels contain a story of being victims to negativity brought on by adulthood The protagonist of the Catcher in the Rye, Holden, is an affluent white teenage boy who has been expelled from school due to his mediocre grades. While the protagonist of The Bluest Eye, Pecola, is an underprivileged black pre-teen. Holden has other people that worry about him such as his sister and his teachers. However, Pecola’s wellbeing is only cared about by her childhood friends Claudia and Frieda. The novels are written during the same time period, the 1940s. However, Pecola has to experience internal and external anguish, such as racism while we only see the mental problems Holden deals with. Nonetheless, we see depressing events in both novels. For example, we find out early in the book that Holden is in a rest home. After reading his narrative, we assume,…

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