Salinger 's ' Catcher 's The Rye ' Essay

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What is adulthood? Biologically adulthood is after a person hits puberty, yet politically it is the day one turns 18 and their parents no longer are responsible for their care. However, none of these really describe adulthood. The novel, Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger is about a rebellious prep-school teenager trying to navigate into the life of a mature adult. Like adulthood, Holden struggles to find what maturity really is. He struggles to realize that maturity is not something that just hits you, it is not a moment that you look back and say “that was the day I became mature”, no maturity is something you work for and that can and will fade in and out based on decisions. Holden’s inability to understand maturity lead to him acting childish and seeing adulthood as a horrid thing that might as well be a death sentence, which is why many children spend as much of their childhood trying to be unaccountable and just have as much fun as possible.
Holden Caulfield most certainly expresses his immaturity not only his in his daily life, but also in his wants and dreams. Holden goes farther than your basic teenage boy who has yet to discover that maturity is a good thing, he does anything he wants and gives little interest in the consequences of his actions. However, Holden does not hide his immaturity and is the first to acknowledge “[he] acts quite young for [his] age” (Salinger 13). A prime example of his maturity was when the headmaster of Pencey informed him that he…

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