Salinger : Influential American Writer Essay

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J.D. Salinger: Influential American Writer
“An artist 's only concern is to shoot for some kind of perfection, and on his own terms, not anyone else 's” (Salinger 198). JD Salinger was an extremely influential writer in the 20th Century. Though he did not write many works, he is still a very well known author in American Literature. He is mainly known for The Catcher and the Rye. There is a strong relationship between his life and his literature, and there are many connections between the two. Salinger also has recurring themes in many of his books.
JD Salinger was born in New York on January 1st, 1919. He was the youngest of two children, and the son of a rabbi. Salinger did poorly in school and flunked out of a school in his hometown and was then placed in a Military school in Pennsylvania ("J.D. Salinger"). After graduating military school, Salinger attended college for business but ended up becoming interested in writing and began writing short stories. Soon after, he was drafted into World War II which scarred him but also inspired his writing ("J.D. Salinger").
After the war he returned back to New York and continued writing. His work was published in The New Yorker, a favorite magazine of Salinger’s. He kept writing and in 1951 The Catcher in The Rye was finally published ("J.D. Salinger"). This book was the biggest part of his career and helped established his legacy as an influential and talented American writer. He only published a few more works after this, and…

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