Salesoft Analysis Essay

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Case 15
SaleSoft, Inc. (A)


Greg Miller and Bill Tanner, Executive Vice President and CFO, founded SaleSoft in July 1993 with the objective of marketing PROCEED, a Comprehensive Sales Automation System (CSAS). While PROCEED had received very favorable responses from prospects, converting interest to actual sales was taking a long time with only five PROCEED systems having been sold to-date.

In September 1995, with limited funds and the need to show performance before seeking additional venture capital, Gregory Miller, the president and CEO of SaleSoft, and William Tanner, the executive vice president and CFO, now need to decide the future course of action for their company. They are faced with the question of
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Continue with PROCEED Sell Trojan Horse

|We have spent too much time on PROCEED to walk away from it now. |PROCEED has only generated interest-- |
|Tanner – We will lose our first mover advantage in the CSAS market if we |Selling TH is very much like selling CMS and there are so many |
|divert our attention to TH. |success stories in the CMS market. Customers don’t need to be |
| |educated on the benefits of TH. Most Sales VPs will grab it at |
| |any price. |
|TH will prevent SaleSoft from partnering with consultants who are very |The cost involved and the time required to develop the TH product |
|important to the firm. |are not very high. We can afford to do it. |
|SaleSoft has committed to current customers that remaining modules of PROCEED |Tanner – We don’t need consultants to sell TH. |
|will be read by June 1998. | |
|Twenty Prospects for PROCEED want to

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