Salesforce Roadmap Case Study

Tips for Creating a Salesforce Roadmap
Every business has a certain expectation when it comes to the experience that their customers have with the company. The idea is to provide quality data that will empower the employees. This, in turn, will allow for the creation of meaningful reports and a streamlined process. The ultimate goal, of course, is growth and profitability.
Vision vs. Reality
In many cases, reality looks quite a bit different from the original vision. In many cases, businesses will see a low adoption of the procedures and plan that is put in place. Data systems may also create issues by being disparate, which lease to inconsistent and incomplete customer profiles. Along with this, it could be difficult to keep up with new releases and products.
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Successful businesses find that having a strategy in place is the best option when looking for ways to improve relationships with customer along with profits and sales.
This is where a Salesforce Roadmap enters the picture. This plan allows businesses to clearly plan 1, 3, and 5 years in the future. With this strategy in place, everyone in the company will be able to fully understand the vision that is in place. Plus, they will clearly understand how that vision will allow them to full meet the goals of the business and how those goals must be met.
What can be Done?
Setting up a Salesforce Roadmap is the best option for businesses looking to achieve their vision. To do so, business leaders will need to rely on these top tips for creating a Salesforce Roadmap:
Tip 1: Create SMART Goals
Setting goals is an important step in this process. They should allow business leaders to clearly show where they would like the business to be in the future. Above all, these goals should be:
• Specific
• Measureable
• Actionable
• Realistic
• Time

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