Sales Model Of Tesco

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• Direct online sales- this is when a business make a direct online sale to a customer. This is when the use of E-commerce takes place as businesses like Tesco uses internet as a form of selling products online as they use devices like Mobile phones and computers. Tesco uses direct selling in order to keep up with their competitors as it is positive for them since it helps them attract new customers. This way they will be able to get new and loyal customers. Along with Tesco, other website like Oxfam also uses direct sales. However, their purpose for using it is different to Tesco as they use it so that they can get more money by selling products to help people and not to grow their business.

• Online sales with physical delivery- this is
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It’s done before the product is put in the market and on the shop floors. Doing this allows a business to find out about its marketing techniques and methods that they would need to use in order to sell the product. For example, Tesco does this as they provide sales before they start the season or the year. Due to this, they can find out how well their business has done in the time provided. This is good for the business as Tesco will be able to have a clear understanding of what aims to set for long term and also help them see what is going on in the market. Other than Tesco, Oxfam would also have pre-sales model as they also sell things although their purpose for selling them is different hence their aims would be different as well. For Oxfam, they would want to know the kind of figure they would like to have at the end of the given period. They would want to have a figure of the amount of money they want to raise from selling the products in stores so that they can help people for the same cause. However, coming back to Gov.UK, they wouldn’t have this as their option since they are only there to provide information and help for the …show more content…
When it comes to schedule, it can be done weekly or monthly to get the overall result of how the product is doing in the market i.e. if it’s selling or not and whether people are liking it or not. Businesses tend to do this on a long term basis to find out the results about the product or the service in the market. In terms on Tesco, they would do this to compare the kind of numbers they are getting from the previous sales. This way they will be able to find out what market is in power hence they will be able to work on that market more rather than having to waste their time in different market if the sales are not good as

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