Essay about Sales Forces : Sales Force

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Sales Force Assessment In order to establish a sales force strategy, the company has to determine the current status of the selling organization by assessing the sales force investment, the sales force activity, and the company results. HHE’s sales force investment are high, because salespeople and sales managers are well-compensated and well-trained due the complexity of the organization’s products. In addition, costs regarding sales meetings, sales systems, and sales data are taken into consideration. The investment has proved to be effective. According to the case, the sales force has achieved high visibility in the industry due its excellent service. When analyzing the sales force activity, HHE has to assess all the essential work performed by the salespeople, which includes “lead generation, prospecting, needs analysis, solution development, proposal presentation, negotiation, installation, customer service, and account maintenance and expansion” (Zoltners, 2001, p. 26). The company results measures the sales, profits, and market share. HHE’s sales in 2015 increased approximately 42% over 2014 and the company expects to increase 15% this year. Although the growth rates have started to decrease due the competition, HHE continues to have a strong presence in the market. The organization must also take into consideration its people, culture, and customers. HHE has to evaluate how good and motivated are the salespeople, the level of personnel turnover, if the company…

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