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Read the following case study and answer the questions that follow:
Sue Wilson, purchasing manager for the Humboldt, Tennessee, plant of National Agri-Products Company, is back in her office reviewing her notes from a meeting she just finished with Tom Roberts, Vicki Sievers, and Greg Runyon. Tom is the plant manager of the Humboldt plant, Vicki is the plant engineer, and Greg the production manager. The four met for the last hour to discuss the equipment National needs to buy to complete expansion of the Humboldt plant.
National Agri-Products Company produces various agricultural products at its four manufacturing locations throughout the
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Greg's main concern was producing the corn syrup efficiently and making sure his maintenance people could "keep the stuff running." Both Vicki and Greg asked Sue to let them know when she had more information about potential suppliers.

After reviewing these notes, Sue knew this was going to be a big job. She has no direct experience buying equipment to produce this type of product line. She decided to call Vijay Sethi, National's VP of purchasing, to discuss a few options. Vijay reminded Sue that National's policy is to get three bids on purchases of this amount and suggested that she start with the storage tanks and tubing since they are the most time-consuming items to fabricate. Vijay also gave Sue the number of Larry McDermott, a salesperson for New Products Steel Company, as a potential supplier. Finally, Vijay asked Sue to keep him up to date on progress, as this was the most expensive expansion project the company was undertaking this year.
After talking with Vijay, Sue decided to call Larry McDermott.
LARRY: "Larry McDermott, New Products Steel. May I help you?"
SUE: "Larry, this is Sue Wilson at the Humboldt, Tennessee, plant of National Agri-Products Company. Vijay Sethi gave me your name as a potential bidder on the stainless-steel tanks and tubing we are installing for our new corn syrup product line."
LARRY: "I'll certainly be glad to help you out with that, Sue. As you may

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