Essay on Salem Witch Trials Of Salem

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Rachel Waters Mrs. Griffin ENG 251-02 29 September 2014 Witch Trials in Salem, Massachusetts The year is 1692. The place is a crowded courthouse in the small town of Salem, Massachusetts. On one side of the courtroom sit the poor, innocent girls that have fallen victim to the endless torture brought upon by the accused witch. On the other side stand the alleged wretched, evil witch that has supposedly caused all the harm to the girls. A trial is held for each individual that is accused of witchcraft and verdicts are made. More than 200 people are accused of such witchcraft and 20 of those accused are executed. The hysteria caused by the trials in the small colonial town of Salem is known as the Salem Witch Trials. Today one knows that the torment and agony the girls were supposedly going through was all a lie. They were accusing others based on a personal hate rather than having a real encounter with witchcraft or the devil. Today readers can find many books and movies all based off of the prosecutions and chaos surrounding the trials. Some authors write about those who were accused of practicing witchcraft; while on the other hand, some authors focus on the “afflicted” girls who were doing the accusing. Although there were many involved three key players in these trials were Ann Putman Jr., Betty Parris, and Abigail…

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